You have already proved what a conscientious owner you are by clicking on the link that brought you to this page.

Now you can go one step further and look closely at what you’re feeding your dog.

Poor diet will result in a dog prone to:

  • Fleas, ticks and other parasites
  • Obesity
  • Skin Complaints & a poor coat
  • “Allergies” of all kinds
  • Aberrant / hyperactive behaviour

The unavoidable and basic facts:

  • Dogs are carnivores. They cannot thrive on additives or grains!
  • Dogs need a diet comprised of 75% meat & bone, 20% vegetables & grains and 5% offal.
  • “Complete” dog food in the UK has to meet the MDR.

MDR should not be confused with the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) you're used to seeing on our food packets.

Because MDR is just the


to keep your dog alive for 24 hours

Your dog's diet is way beyond the scope of this simple web page. However, there is masses of really good stuff on the web.

My recommended websites are:

Dog Food Analysis - find out what's actually in your dog food.

Formulate your own dog food by feeding Bones and Raw Food (BARF Diet).

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A Very Rough Feeding Guide

Please, be sensible when reading this guide. If you are a fitness fanatic and your dog is running with you 24/7 its going to need more than the Adult Maintenance to stay the same weight. If your dog is older, or poorley and isn't doing so much work its going to need less. Bitches that have just whelped will need HEAPS more than the recommended amount. This is just what it says it is, a feeding guide. Follow it for a couple of weeks ~ monitor your dog's weight and how it feels. If its getting ribby up the quantities a bit, if its piling on the lbs, cut it back.

The £ per day was worked out using the cost of feeding a variety of the 500g Tubs. So if you ONLY feed chicken and turkey the price will be lower ~ but if you prefer Duck, Salmon and Beef it will be higher. If you have more than one dog you'll probably find the 1.4kg Chubbs more economical.

Please also note (before you keel over with shock at the price) there are very few 40Kg puppies out there... !!