In a nutshell, it's the Personalised Approach that makes us so special

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Centre Stage Grooming stands as a dedicated hub where every dog's distinct needs are met with meticulous care and attention.

Our comprehensive process starts with a thorough assessment of your dog's specific requirements, which of course may change from visit to visit, ensuring that every visit is an experience of unparalleled quality.

All Inclusive

Your dog will receive whatever treatments we believe wil benefit it most, every time it comes.  This is all included in the price. 

A central tenet of our philosophy is the role of the bathing process.

Our array of specialised shampoos and conditioners feature esteemed brands like Always Your Friend and WildWash, just part our unwavering commitment to excellence. We like to believe that we go beyond the conventional and extend our services to include treatments such as mud masks which are ideal for addressing dry, irritated skin and restoring damaged coats.  Blueberry Facials are used if the dog has or looks like it may be starting to show signs of facial staining.

This fundamental stage serves as the cornerstone of any successful grooming session. Dogs necessitating deshedding are meticulously attended to during this phase, eliminating the discomfort of rigorous brushing through dry fur. Instead, we opt for high-pressure hydrobath jets and conditioning agents, ensuring the painless dissemination of densely packed fur and tangles.  Our commitment to thoroughness extends to ear cleaning, seamlessly integrated into the bathing process.

Lavender Wraps

Following the bathing and conditioning regimen, our Lavender Wrap technique employs heated chamois towels infused with the essential oils that will most benefit your dog. Moreover, we introduce Reiki during this period, providing an added dimension of relaxation and rejuvenation. This holistic approach not only addresses grooming needs but also nurtures your dog's overall well-being. 

Ultrasonic Teeth Treatment

Every dog is assessed during the bathing process and an appropriate amount of time is set aside to administer an Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic teeth and mouth cleaning treatment.  This is one of the few treatments that can be purchased additionally as a stand-alone service (nail grinding being a notable other), but it is included in every groom regardless.  Whilst cleaning the teeth we have a good look around within your dog's mouth and will, of course, report anything significant if we see it.

Ionic Drying

Upon completion, dogs undergo a tailored drying process based on their unique coat types. Whether managing the elegant grooming of silky-coated show dogs or tending to fleece coats in consideration of their length, our approach remains adaptable and aligned with each dog's individual attributes.

A moment of respite awaits every dog as they luxuriate in the warmth of the Dezynadog cabinet.


The styling process commences with a meticulous pawdicure, involving nail grinding for a polished, rounded finish and precise fur trimming from between the paw pads.

Clipping and Scissoring

Our styling expertise revolves around clipping and scissoring techniques, as we eschew hand-stripping. Styling choices are guided by your preferences or the dog's age and lifestyle, culminating in a harmonious and fitting appearance.

The Finishing Touches 

Concluding the grooming journey, we apply a finishing spray, a subtle scent, and an elegant collar embellishment. We recommend providing a clean collar to adorn your impeccably cleansed and pleasantly fragrant canine companion.

And Finally

I have twenty years of grooming experience and am fully qualified, being an International Certified Master Groomer.  Couple that with fifteen prior years of experience as a dog training instructor (I owned The Canine Film Academy and brought clicker training to the UK in 1996), I am committed to the behavioural as well as structural needs of each cherished pet that comes in through my door.  Be aware that I'm known to have a "Marmite" personality (🤣) and be assured that I'll always be the voice for your dog ... whether you want to hear it or not!