Just how clean are your dog's teeth?


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If you're feeding a raw natural diet with plenty of meaty bones your dog's teeth are likely to look like this:

...even if you do nothing with them - ever!

This is because crunching through bones naturally scrapes their teeth clean as they eat.

My Parti-Poodle will be 7 this year (2018) and our Terrier Type will be at least 4. Neither dog has ever had any form of dental treatment and both have been raised on a BARF Diet.

However, if you feed a dry kibble based diet, your dog's teeth are more likely to resemble those in the top half of this picture:

If you'd like them to look like the teeth in the bottom picture you have a couple of options.

  1. Visit your vet. Have them do a professional dental treatment on your dog which will most probably involve a General Anaesthetic and several hundreds of pounds. It will be a brilliant job, any loose teeth will be removed and the dog's breath will smell much better, for a while at least.

and / or

    1. Visit Centre Stage Dogs and have a series of Cleany Teeth treatments. We use the Cleany Teeth ultrasonic, vibrationless and soundless "toothbrush" to shatter the tarter and kill the bacteria in your dog's mouth. It may take several £40 sessions to get your dog's teeth as clean as those in the bottom half of the picture above but it will be done without sedation or general anaesthesia and their associated risks.
    2. you can buy a Cleany TeethToothbrush yourself and treat your dog in the comfort of your own home. We're more than happy to show you how to do this. The brushes are available in our shop.
    3. Change your dog's diet to a more species-appropriate Bones and Raw Food (BARF) diet. We feed, sell and recommend Nutriment Raw. This will ensure that your dog's teeth STAY clean in a healthy manner. We're not fans of Dentastix.

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Every dog attending Centre Stage Dogs for grooming will get a Cleany Teeth Tooth Cleaning treatment unless the owner expressly asks us not to.