There are many things that you can do that will assist (or impede) your groomer during your dog's visit to a professional grooming salon.

Going on holiday?

Is your pride-and-joy a super soft fluffy coated dog like a Maltese, Poodle or Bichon perhaps? Or a Cavoodle, Labradoodle or Cavishon? Or even maybe a Chorkie or Yorkie in full coat? If so, PLEASE don't think "well, he's only at 5 weeks now, I'll have it done when I get back..."

Have him groomed JUST BEFORE you go. Go one one or two lengths shorter than normal so that when you get back its "Just Right". Home boarders and kennels will love you for giving them less coat to manage and the groomer won't be weeping as she shaves your dog down when you return. Home boarders ESPECIALLY will appreciate a sweet smelling, knot free pooch delivered to their home and are much more likely to return it in the same condition... ;-)

Feed your dog the correct diet

Yup, you read that right! The wrong food causes stinky skin and porous coats that take multiple shampoos to get clean and forever to get dry! We can spot a Bakers dog blindfolded by feel and smell alone. (NOT NICE!!)

A good site for researching what food to use (or how yours measures up) is Dog Food Analysis. We stock a frozen Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet (BARF) called Nutriment, rated at 5 stars on the Which Dog Food Site because it's very, very good.

Promptness, NO SHOWS and Cancellations

One groomer (who shall remain nameless) is reputed to ask the client who turns up late which leg they'd like left untouched! ;-) Seriously, late clients cause a big headache in a small salon.

Please treat us like dentists - if you make an appointment a) turn up for it, b) cancel it in good time for the groomer to fill the slot or c) be prepared to pay regardless. Grooming is our livelihood and passion but not our hobby.

Bring him in clean and dry

Many groomers implement a "Clean Up" fee if your dog poos or wees during the grooming process, so make sure your dog has had ample opportunity to empty its tanks before coming (but not so "ample" that its too tired to stand up!!)

Don't walk him through a quagmire before coming. Groomers always appreciate an "exercised" dog, but not one that's so filthy it needs immediate attention upon arrival. Remember the groomer may still be finishing up the dog before you and so having to immediately attend to yours because of its condition may cause them a serious problem.

Groom your dog at home

Take out everything that you can, burrs, branches, brambles and knots. Your groomer will love you forever. Remember also that unbrushed dogs get sore when subjected to a mammoth grooming session, so it's best to break it down into small daily sessions.

Grooming your dog should occur as often as you feed it or walk it. Point out anything you couldn't handle to your groomer during hand over. Do not attempt to cut out matts yourself, remember, we charge a lot less than your vet! Your groomer will recommend the right tools for your dog.


TICKS: Yes, you can still bring your dog to the salon and we're happy to take ticks out wherever and whenever we can. We'll even show you how to do this if you don't know already. ... and we sell the O'Tom Tick Tools to do the job safely for YOU and your dog (did you know you can catch diseases from ticks?)

FLEAS: Leave your dog in the car. Tell your groomer you suspect (or know) that your dog has fleas. This way he/she can deal with the dog appropriately. If you wait til pick up to tentitively ask if your groomer if he/she found any, be prepared to pick up the defestation bill for the entire salon and every dog within it that day.

Behaviour and Manners

Train your dog! Practise grooming on a table (with a rubber car mat on) at home. Take your dog to training classes and ask your instructor to help you. ASK the groomer if there is anything your dog could be trained to do to make the grooming process easier. Even if the answer is no, the groomer will be hugely flattered/touched that you care!

If you need help, Cranbourne Dog Training School is excellent, or there are several private trainers we can recommend to you in this area.

It is NOT the groomers job to train your dog.

Regular Maintenance

"Once-A-Year-Grooms" will always be more expensive than Regular-Clients.

Centre Stage Dog Grooming offers free interim-nail appointments to regular clients. Many dogs need their nails attended to more frequently than they need their coats attended to. If your dog fits this bill, why not ask your groomer if they will offer the same service?