Your dog’s long nails are not just an unsightly nuisance and are already too long if you can hear him coming on a hard floor.

Have you ever had bruised nail beds because your own toenails were too long and bumped the end of your shoes for a day?

Overgrown nails can be the cause of crooked toes, deformed feet, cruciate ligament, spinal and other chiropractic problems, all of which cost thousands of pounds to get fixed and may require your dog to be on unnecessary and expensive medication for the rest of its life.

Long nails can also cause a dog to become exercise intolerant, this in turn could lead to obesity… which could cause diabetes… Do we really need we go on?

You cannot just cut long nails short in one go.

The quick has as many nerve endings as your finger tips so cutting through them IS NOT AN OPTION! The quick grows down and out with the nail. Typically its only 2mm behind the nail tip.

If the tip is removed, the quick “protects itself” by shrivelling back. So within 10 days you can take another 2mm off the nail, but if you leave it longer than that, the nail will have grown out too, and your back to square one.

If you are a regular client at Centre Stage Dog Grooming, these interim appointments are absolutely FREE.

We do offer a "nails only" service for dogs that do not come to us for grooming.