At Centre Stage we offer various training packages to suit any aspiring groomer obtain his or her dreams.

The Home Groomer

If you have several dogs of your own that all require professional grooming and you're starting to baulk at the monthly cost of having them groomed professionally, you may wish to look into training for grooming your own dogs at home.

We will teach you how to correctly trim your dog and how to safely obtain (and maintain) the look you're after. Included in the price is all the equipment required for your dog which typically might include the right sized grooming table, the correct brushes and combs, clippers and blades, blaster and dryer, scissors and thinners, the right shampoo for your dog's coat and skin type, etc etc.

This is one day (per breed) on-site practical training course and you will need to be able to attend the salon in Ascot, Berkshire.

There are lots of lovely B&Bs around (unfortunately not included in the price). We're in a stunning area with fabulous walking in Windsor Great Park, Swinley Forest and Virginia Waters all within a 2 mile radius.

The price of this course varies from breed to breed but is typically worked out as (the average price for your breed x the recommended No. of visits per year) plus the cost of the equipment required to do the job properly. Additional breeds can be added, each one taking a full day and costing the typical annual grooming fee for that breed.

For example a Cocker Spaniel Course would be approximately (£45 x 8) plus equipment costs of about £850.

Given that the average cocker will require 12-14 years of professional grooming during its lifetime (£4600+), this represents exceptional value for money!

The Professional Groomer

Perhaps you're looking to change your career, or you're returning to work after having children. Whatever the reason you'd like to become a professional dog groomer, we can help you obtain those dreams.

We cover all aspects of the grooming profession:

  • How to read basic canine behaviour
  • Safe handling techniques
  • Correct bathing procedures
  • Safe methods of restraint
  • Blasting and drying
  • Clipping
  • Trimming
  • Scissoring
  • Grinding

The emphasis is on safety for your canine charges and yourself at all times.

We will cover all aspects of the trade, including Business Management, which appears to be sadly lacking in other courses.

We will teach you how to work out your prices (and no, that doesn't mean ringing every dog groomer in your area and asking them what they charge !!) and how to market your new business.

We'll show you the suppliers that we use and the prices we pay for those goods and services.

This course is charged by the day. You will need to attend the course in person (no Skype or FaceTime for this one I'm afraid) because its a hands on practical affair.

There are lots of lovely B&B's close to Centre Stage, which is close to the historic town of Windsor and adjacent to the world famous Ascot Race Course.

Professional Groomer Top Up

Whilst the professional groomer will already have a wealth of knowledge beneath their belt, there is always room for improvement.

Perhaps things have moved on since your training?

Are you reading about new techniques but don't yet have the confidence to try them?

  • Don't know about Reverse Clipping?
  • Don't use CA's to speed up your work?
  • Never heard of grinding?
  • Are you missing a trick here?

What speedy bolt on extras can you add to your business which will delight your clients, without costing the earth and at the same time positively reflect in your bottom line?

We can offer business advice such as:

  • The organisations that are worth joining (and those that probably aren't)
  • CPD you can add to your CV and advertising
  • Information on the new international qualifications which were launched in the UK this year.

Are you still working from a paper diary and hand writing your accounts? We can help you here too. Katie was an IT professional before joining the world of dogs and will share this information with you.

This is a bespoke course which can be given:

  • per hour via Skype or FaceTime
  • or at our salon here in Ascot, Berkshire
  • or in your own salon

The length of the course will depend on your existing knowledge and experience.

Association Memberships, Examination and Examiner Fees are not included.

Professional Qualifications are not required in this industry, but, as more and more groomers join the profession, you may find yourself at a disadvantage if you don't have any. We can mentor you through your IPG exams if you would like to sit them.