The longer days stimulate the pituitary gland; the thick winter coat is shed and a lighter summer coat grows in to replace it.

Longer coated breeds need to have the shedding winter coat removed daily by combing to prevent the it from packing around the new summer coat that’s growing in. Packed hair turns into matted fur rather quickly. Matted fur is covered here because it is a SERIOUS matter.

Summer brings gorgeous weather (we hope) and a host of creepy crawlies into our lives.

Did you know that Fleas, Ticks and Worms can all be deterred by adding garlic to your dog’s diet?

Diatomaceous Earth rubbed through the fur will kill fleas and puffed into the crevices and corners of your home will kill their larvae.

Pesticides are now being sprayed on verges and in parks. Keep the fur in between your dog’s toes short to reduce the “sponge” effect.

A dog’s normal temperature is 100.5f to 101.5f when it reaches 108f it cannot be resuscitated. This can happen in as little as 10 minutes in a parked car…

Finally, remember your dog’s coat is its first line of defence from injury and parasites. Maintain it well and don’t be tempted to have it cut too short – remember, dogs can get sunburned too!