Fipronil (Frontline) is a topical insecticide. It is a liquid which is applied to the back of the neck of your dog. It collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles and then is released over time (1 month) and is used to kill ticks and fleas.

The Fipronil precautionary notes state that it "... may degrade into products MORE or equally TOXIC..."

Other spot on flea treatments contain: Pyrethrins, Pyrethoids, Methoprene, Pyripoxyfen, Methylcarbamate, Imidacloprid, Amitraz, Selamectin or Nitenpyram.

On average, we handle 6-8 dogs each day. Even if only half of them have been treated with a spot on flea treatment we are inadvertently being exposed to an unacceptable dose of toxic carcinogenic chemicals which, as we speak, is building up in our systems.

So, if you don't mind, we would respectfully request that you DO NOT bring your dog in for grooming or nail trimming for at least two weeks after you have treated your dog for fleas or ticks.

Similarly, please do not take your freshly groomed dog home and apply flea treatment for at least 48 hours. The pores in its skin are open from bathing and there is no grease on the skin to protect it either.

We do not recommend artificial chemical treatments like these. We use Diatomaceous Earth with great success.