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Alma Road Veterinary Hospital

The Centre Stage Service
The Bath
The Lavender Wraps
The Emmi-Pet Dental
The Groom

Centre Stage uses a recirculating bathing system to ensure that your dog is 100% clean.

We use Wildwash shampoos because this range is all natural, containing absolutely No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Phosphates, No Petrochemicals, No Sulphates and No PEGs.

We use Blueberry Facial shampoo on every dog's the face and gently comb the eye area to remove any debris which may have accumulated there.

Your dog is then rinsed with fresh water until it is squeaky clean.

The final rinse incorporates either a Nagayu Spa Treatment or a Dogzilian Microbubbles Treatment to get that ultra clean (at a bacterial level) finish that makes our service so superior and our finish so amazing.

After the bathing process, each dog is gently enveloped in warm chamois wraps infused with Lavender Essential Oil.

Whilst this is deeply relaxing for both dog and bather, the wraps are working hard to absorb most of the water from the dog's coat.

Many dogs dislike the use of a high velocity dryer because it is so loud and this process either eliminates it entirely or reduces the time it takes to dry the dog substantially.

Nearly every dog we see shows signs of oral disease. If they are fed a dry kibble diet this is even more likely.

It won't surprise you to learn that your dog's teeth need the same care and attention that our own do and most of us brush ours twice a day!

The Emmi-Pet ultrasound treatment cleans teeth and gums, killing bacteria both on teeth and below the gum line whilst fracturing tartar via ultrasound and removing plaque.

The process is utterly silent and totally vibrationless. Most dogs fall asleep enjoying the wrap and seem totally unaware of the teeth cleaning that's going on.

More info on the Emmi-pet treatment can be found here.

We believe that every dog deserves this treatment and it is therefore included in every groom. It is not an optional extra.

After the bath, wrap and teeth have been attended to, your dog will be groomed.

This could be anything from a thorough brush out and tidy to a full scissor trim. It is largely up to you, but will of course depend on the condition of your dog upon arrival.

A very high percentage of our clients dogs are designer crossbreeds and they look simply fantastic in full Asian Fusion (as above) or a modified version with less leg hair (especially in the winter).

We also do a great many Yorkies, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzers, Poodles and Bichons.

Our grooming experience takes a minimum of two hours. If you want fast and furious, this is not the salon for you.

The House Rules

No dog can go longer than 6 weeks in between grooms.

A matted dog will be humanely shaved off here
(we do not rescue coats or dematt under any circumstances.)

Our job is to make your dog look beautiful

Your job is to maintain that at home
(Full training will be offered if you need it)

Payment is by Cash or Card (all except Amex)

Regular clients can join our VIP Club and pay by Standing Order

Dogs are groomed by appointment only

New clients must be assessed before an appointment
or a price will be given

We are set up for small dogs only
Height limit is 15" (at the wither) and weight limit is 10 Kg (22 lbs)

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"A good groom is never cheap and a cheap groom is never good" ~ Jackie Grimmett