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Nagayu CO2 SPA is able to decompose the body fluid that causes odor and give a much better cleaning than regular water.

At the same time, the effect of the bicarbonate and hydrogen ions also wash off mineral waste and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root.

This results in a full, silky, and healthy coat.

This is what Nagayu says about their product:

The Nagayu spa system is delivered to your dog during the final rinse period. It looks like a large tablet and this is added to the final rinse water.

Nagayu sell a shower head into which a puck can be inserted giving a three minute treatment which you can do at home. However, As Centre Stage uses a recirculating bathing system, the puck is added to the water and continuously circulated over your dog giving a much longer and more thorough CO2 treatment.

As the puck comes into contact with water it starts to fizz (a bit like a bath bomb) and generates millions of carbonic acid and hydrogen ions which transform the water into to a CO2 SPA. While showering with the CO2 SPA, the CO2 enters the blood vessels causing them to expand; this in turn increases the blood flow. Thus cells receive more nutrients and oxygen, resulting in a boosted metabolism which speeds up the healing process.


Centre Stage's thoughts

I've been using Nagayu Pucks since they first came onto the grooming scene in January 2018.

We like to be first on the market with new technology...

I have absolutely no negatives to report at all.

What I can say of my own two dogs (who are bathed weekly - both white and both mud magnets) is that Kimmy's almost permanent hotspots have vanished along with her tearstains and Jess's ear infection which was almost always "brewing" has completely disappeared.

Others have reported odourless dogs when they've been somewhat stinky beforehand.

Two cockers that have been battling yeast infections between their toes for years are now yeast free.

In short, this is a great product and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

Every dog attending Centre Stage will get a Microbuble Spa Treatment unless the owner expressly asks us for Nagayu.

My personal preference is the Dogzilian Microbubble Spa Treatment.

Just water and Oxygen.

What they say about Microbubbles ...

Microbubbles by Dogzilian: No shampoo. No soap. No additives. No chemicals. Just Oxygen-saturated tap water.

  • Assists healing of the skin
  • Treats itchy skin, demodex (mites), inflammation, redness, rash
  • Treats ear infection
  • Helps to rejuvenate hair-growth where hair loss has occurred
  • Helps to improve circulation
  • The most comprehensive skincare treatment for dogs
  • The most effective treatment at ridding the skin and coat of bacteria
  • Helps to restore the skin to its normal function


HOW do microbubbles work?

Very simply. Microbubbles are smaller than a human hair. They get into the pores of the skin and inside the hair follicle. The microbubbles are negatively ionised (think of the air you breathe standing next to a waterfall in the forest). This attracts positively charged bacteria particles - even from the tiniest of places, like the sebaceous gland inside the follicle. By removing this bacteria, microbubbles help to restore the skin to its regular function (self-cleaning and self-nourishing). 


Centre Stage's Thoughts...

This is relatively new technology for us. I purchased the machine at MasterGroom in April 2018 and have been using it daily since then.

Unsurprisingly (after all, its just water and oxygen right?) we've had zero negative reactions.

And all the dogs enjoy the experience of the spa.

Neither Kimmy or Jess's conditions have returned. Kimmy remains clear skinned, without hotspots or tear stains while Jess's ears are clean and healthy.

I have borrowed a client's dog to use as my test subject for skin conditions. Many thanks to Chacasta Pritlove and her parents. At the time of writing Dottie is on Treatment 6 of 8 and the inital results are nothing short of miraculous. She suffers from Summer Allergies and has spent a fair proportion of her short life so far on various veterinary teatments including steroids.

She would currently be under veterinary treatment or scratching herself raw...

She has been brought in Monday / Wednesday and Friday for two weeks with a further week to go.

If you click on Dottie's "Before and After" photo you'll see the image full size (close up) and remember, we haven't even finished her course yet!



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