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Alma Road Veterinary Hospital

Dying for a change?
Does your dog look old before its time? Are grey hairs creeping in where they shouldn't?
Did you know you can dye these hairs back to match your dog's old fur colour, knocking years off him in the process?
Wallace, a nine year old cross breed has a lovely athletic body and still has a sprightly spring in his step, but he'd gone rather grey around the eyes and muzzle.

Wallace Face On

Wallace had a dye patch test 48 hours before his pampering session, which lasted two and a half hours.
We can only colour dogs if incorporated into a full groom.

We don't colour show dogs
(because that's cheating!)

Wallace Before & After Side On

Faces from £15.00.

Pre-consult required (to patch test and match coat colour)©

© Katie Rourke Dowding ~ Centre Stage Dog Grooming
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