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Protecting the things you love

We'd like to introduce you to a brand new canine product - COMFIclawz.

COMFIclawz are flexible silicone nail covers which fit snugly over the ends of your dog's own nails.

They soften and blunt the effect of the dog's nail.

COMFIclawz give additional grip and stability so restoring confidence to infirm and older dogs on laminate or tiled floors.

We all know that older people can have terribly thin skin which tears very easily. COMFIclawz is the solution here too - have them fitted before the visit and simply stop worrying that your dog could inadvertently hurt them!

COMFIclawz are the obvious solution to prevent anyone getting hurt if your dog jumps up on them. So have them fitted while you're training the dog not to do this.

COMFIclawz also protects your home and belongings from your dog's attention. After all, aren't scratched furniture, patio doors and windows expensive to replace?


Comfy Clawz

Gail Ward of Cranbourne Dog Training School says, "I'd like to thank Katie Rourke Dowding for her brilliant idea of fitting 'false' plastic nails (COMFIclawz) on Buzz's feet - they simply glue on, fitting on over your dog's nails and are fantastic at stopping dogs from slipping on laminate or tile floors. For my old boy Buzz this has made a huge difference as he has arthritis and kept losing his grip when he got up after a sleep. Simply a must for old dogs - or any dogs who slip regularly as its so dangerous for them - and they last about 6 weeks!"

Buzz is wearing Transparent COMFIclawz

COMFIclawz can be fitted as an individual treatment or as part of a regular grooming appointment.

COMFIclawz are guaranteed to stay in place for 4 weeks - if any get dislodged we will replace them at no extra charge during this period.

COMFIclawz are available in Black or Transparent for those who do not want to advertise the fact that their dog is wearing them.

But for the more extravert client, who would like to show off their dog's funky feet, COMFIclawz also come in a range of glorious colours which can of course be fitted to suit the season - think Orange and Black at Halloween and Red and Green for Christmas!

In a nutshell ~ COMFIclawz

  • Give improved grip and stability for older dogs.
  • Protect you, your children, your parents and your friends if Fido jumps up.
  • Protects your furniture, sofas, car and doors from costly scratches caused by your dog.

COMFIclawz are fitted to prepared nails and this preparation is included in the cost.
They can be fitted as a half set (front paws only) at £10.00 or a full set for just £15.00

COMFIclawz are exclusive to Centre Stage Dog Grooming

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