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Alma Road Veterinary Hospital

The Blood Clinic

The Blood Clinic is normally held on the last Tuesday of every month.

Tim Hosken MRCVS and Senior Partner at Alma Road Veterinary Hospital comes here to the grooming parlour to draw the blood.

I then send the blood to Biobest in Glasgow for titre testing.

Titre Tests determine whether your dog currently has antibodies circulating for the diseases it was vaccinated against and whether re-vaccination is even necessary.

Many "natural feeders (BARF / Volhard)" vaccinate very infrequently, if at all. They believe that superior diets produce stronger dogs with better natural resistance. These people also use titre tests to assess the immunological status of their dogs, before making an informed decision as to whether they need to revaccinate or not.

Your vet should not recommend vaccinating more frequently than every 3 years. This RCVS (Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons) guideline was published in 2010 but has been public knowledge for the last 15 years.

To make you feel guilty for not vaccinating annually is simply fraud.

Remember that vaccines are not without risk and should not be given frivolously.

Please email me if you would like an appointment for the next Blood Clinic.

Latest news from The World Small Animal Veterinary Society

Regrettably we no longer run blood to Hemopet in the USA.

If you are too far away to attend the clinic, you can have your own vet take your dog's blood and send it to us by pre-9am recorded delivery.

Your dog's blood must arrive no later than one day after the clinic has run if it is to be included in the package going to the USA. I need 1.3cc's of serum to send to Hemopet or 2cc's of whole blood for titre testing.

My vet normally takes 10cc's of blood from the jugular vein to get enough blood and serum for both tests.

Download the clinic paperwork and price list by clicking on either of these links: Microsoft-Word or PDF format

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