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The Centre Stage Backdrop
The Centre Stage Backdrop is a piece of equipment that prevents the phenomenom of "table migration" where the dog that is being worked on strives to maintain its position on the opposite side of the grooming table from the groomer. By keeping the dog in position the groomer's body posture is vastly improved and the major cause of lower back pain (constantly working at an acute angle) is largely eliminated
The Backdrop is machine washable It effectively screens off "reactive" dogs in the grooming salon.
It can be used with two compliant dogs at the same time, one on either side of the same table. The Backdrop is attached via ball-bungees which enables it to be easily slid up the H-frame bars, out of the way, when not required.
The Backdrop has been designed with small/toy/and (dare I say it) teacup dogs in mind. It is not recommended for dogs over 12KG

Please measure the distance inbetween the H-frame bars in inchcs. Please WhatsApp the colour and the measurement to 07767341424. If you don't have WhatsApp email them here.

If you have any questions please feel free to email  

This is how it works


How to put it up



£49.95 + FREE postage


Each Backdrop is individually made for you, we do not carry giant stocks in every conceivable size. It will therefore probably take 7 to 10 days to get to you following cleared payment.

For use with dogs 12 Kilos and under

Currently only shipping to the UK

How to measure for your Backdrop


Colours Available Royal Blue, Pink, Purple, Grey

Remember to WhatsApp the Measurement and the Colour to 07767 341424 as soon as you've made paymemnt.




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